Thursday, 22 October 2009

Cute puppy pictures!

Awww! I love these puppies! I wish they was mine!
I love the 1st picture! Its so so cute!
I also like the 2nd one. And the 3rd one! All of them! ^_^
Please comment and tell me which one you like!
These pictures are from "The Daily Puppy"!


Patti J said...

Hi Sarah! What adorable puppies these are! My fave would have to be the adorable little fat sleepy baby in the top picture - the tan one on the right! Such a cutie patootie! Thanks for giving me a smile today! Hug your mum for me!

Sarah said...

I love the cute sleepy one too!
It is my favourite!
I dont know which one is 2nd, they are all so cuteee!!!