Sunday, 20 September 2009

My painting!

Sorry, the picture is not very clear. It's hanging on the wall and my mum took the picture from there. I painted it all last week with some acrylic paints. It's on a canvass, we just need to buy a big frame for it. It's about 16inches by 12 inches.
It was not even dry when my mum decided to nail it on the wall! Thank you for looking.


Marjanne said...

wow you are talented!!

Dragonlady said...

My oh my, this should be hanging in a gallery. Your painting is fabulous. Your technique is really original, well done.

Ali x

bubblegum said...

Sarah it is gorgeous - I really love it and the colours are so vibrant - well done you. It must be fabulous to see your painting on the wall. :)